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The history of the emergence of the first decks or cards, not as interesting as the ways in which man first used them to guess and discuss the past, present and future of the lives of those consulted.

The Spread, today represents more than a simple act of interpretation of the figures shown in front of us, beyond this, there is magic, ways to connect with the energy and thus the connection between the self and other planes that can not be conceived within this reality.

The draw of cards, what is?

Many people think they know for sure how to do this Spread. They believe that only involves picking random cards and let someone define what is seen. This goes beyond who claim to predict the message Spread with people above all have a special gift in this connection, are more sensitive and have a reason for this connection is much more accurate than ours.

Furthermore, it is not enough to have talent you, these people study, understand the interaction between the planets, the mental force and energy flows, so it is then possible to obtain clearly a good interpretation of the Spread.

For simplicity, a Spread Tarot, employs a total of 53 cards, this deck is stirred and is split into two groups who are consulting with the same energy causes strokes and the selection of the letters.

Each interpreter of these, used a method of position of the cards, one of the most used is the Celtic cross, which allows through the order of the letters, see the past, present and future more clearly.

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